Aquatics by Westwind has established a strong reputation as a dependable source for high-quality waterslides and water play products. All slides are made from the highest quality fiberglass, resin and gelcoat materials and meet or exceed European/North American standards for production and quality control. Our Green Guarantee is applied whenever possible to achieve lower energy and water saving usage on our water slides and water toys. We pride ourselves in the fact that our products are highly accepted throughout the world and manufactured within the strictest guidelines including ISO 9001 certification, TUV standards, CEN 1069, WWA guidelines and ASTM standards.

And we offer an incredible variety of slides to choose from; from kiddy slides to the most incredible Thrill slides and Signature rides ( i.e one of a kind slide experience )

Ready, set, slide!

For all your waterpark or aquatic facility needs, Aquatics by Westwind offers a full range of waterslide choices including:

  • Open and fully enclosed body slides
  • Family slides (ramp slides)
  • Multi-lane slides/mat racing slides
  • Inner tube and rafting slides
  • Signature rides and thrill slides

Aquatics by Westwind slides are built to widths and diameters to meet your needs and provide entertainment experiences from gentle to thrilling, or from beginner to expert. Whether you need a slide for toddlers or for thrill-seekers, Aquatics by Westwind designs high-quality,  safe slides for every interest and level of experience.

Aquatics by Westwind offers compact slides that fit any space, special attraction thrill and signature rides and a variety of special effects to make your waterslide a memorable experience!

RTM Process/Magic Shine Finished Slides

The Difference is in the FINISH: All our slides are made using a LRTM process which provides a high-gloss mirror finish, smooth on both sides of the slide surface. This process provides a uniform thickness on all flanges providing tighter fitting joints which translate into a smoother ride. As well, the high-gloss finish provides a beautiful architectural look and feel enhancing the slide’s appearance, whether indoors or outdoors and increases the attractiveness of the pool area.

Translucent Slides

You can see through our slides! Great for safety! Using our LRTM process with special translucent resins and fiberglass materials, we can create the clearest looking translucent colour slides available. These slides are so transparent you can actually read a book thru them, in addition to seeing all aspects regarding the operation of the slide from water flow to who is coming down the slide. The transparent effect provides your users with a unique waterside experience!

Special Effects

When choosing our slides you can now select a wide range of ‘special effects’, or added features, that will not only enhance the user experience, but will give your slide added marketing appeal. We offer both passive lighting effects using translucent colours, or active effects with our iSLIDE powered sound and lighting effects.

I-Slide Header

Passive Effects

Rainbow Blaster – Natural Colour lines that enhance your ride experience. Using our multi-coloured translucent bands we can turn your slide into a rainbow tunnel adding a unique riding experience for your slide.

Compact Series

Our Compact Waterslide is the most popular attraction for venues that may have limited space, but require a waterslide feature. Our Compact series uses tighter radius sections yet offers you a safe, smooth, comfortable, compact and affordable waterslide. The slide is unique in that it provides maximum room for riders of all ages and sizes. We can also custom design a slide to meet your specific location. No matter if your pool is narrow or small, Compact slides are a big hit that will fit! Many of our compact slides are ideal for hotels/resorts and even various residential projects.

Some of the features of our Compact Slide include:

  • Open or closed flume slide designs ( 32 – 39 inch enclosed (tube ) and 36 inch open flume ).
  • 4 ft (1.2 m) or 5 ft (1.3 m) compact radii.
  • Pre-engineered to be “deck-mounted” for easy installation (no footings or foundations needed).
  • Sizes ranging from 8 ft (2.4 m) start height with a 52 ft (16.5 m) length up to 21 ft (6.5 m) height.
  • and 122 ft (38 m) length.

Additional features include:

  • An integrated hi-wall design on our open flume slide.
  • Aqua Tube enclosed slides have a diameter of 825 mm (32 inches).
  • An over-the-deck water supply direct from your existing pool helps avoid costly pool deck modification or the addition of in-ground plumbing to your mechanical room. This is especially useful for pool retrofits or adding a slide to an existing pool where no slide was before.
  • Shutdown lanes/run-out exits that eliminate the need to have the slide exit into your pool.

Should your existing pool be too small to offer safe splash down exit, or you simply want to limit your pool to swimming, you can link one of our Compact slides to a deck-mounted self-contained run out or shutdown lane.

Speed slides

When you have the space and the need for a thrill you can choose from some of our open or enclosed speed slides that will give your guests a rush. These slides include our Free Falls, Kamikaze, tubular drop slides and our multi-lane mat racing slides.

Rafting Slides

Rafting slides refer to larger format slides where you ride on an inner tube or inflatable multi-person raft. They are generally longer and start higher than regular slides. We offer both large format open and enclosed (tubular) rafting slide designs from 1000 mm diameter up to 3000 mm width. As well, in this series we offer our multi-lane mat racing slides that can be connected with a computerized timer to give rider speeds and slide times.

Thrill Rides

Looking for a slide on the wild side? Aquatics by Westwind provides special attractions to set your water park or aquatic facility apart from the competition and provide your guests with a truly memorable experience. Aquatics by Westwind offers a wide array of innovative signature and thrill slides manufactured by Polin including the newest, most innovative and exciting slide rides on the market today; such as our King Cobra, our Rocket Launch Looping Star, as well as the multi-lane, side by side, extreme mat racing slides.

Kiddy Slides/Play Structure slides

You’d be surprised at how often the youngest water park users are overlooked in the design or plan for the facility. We have a wide range of slides and water play features aimed specifically at the under 5 park user.

Make a splash with kids! Aquatics by Westwind provides a wide range of specialty slides ideal for kids and tots. These easy-to-install slides fit into the smallest of places and allow any facility to add loads of laughter and fun. We are also known for our custom-designed kid’s slides made to fit into a play space or onto a play structure. These exciting kids’ slides are designed to provide hours of entertainment while ensuring complete safety. From the bravest to the most inexperienced, your little guests will love these slides!