Pool Accessories

Are you ever looking for a replacement part for your slide or pool?  Ever need a pump replacement or want to add a water sprayer, a waterfall,  a fountain, or other feature to your pool or facility?  Give us a call first. We offer a wide range of accessories and replacement parts for things. Often, you will find our pricing very competitive and less than other equipment. We offer equipment made to whatever standards you require from heavy duty stainless steel 316, to light commercial and residential grade. Each is fully approved and warrantied, but is tailored to your  specific needs and budget.

Spray Jets/Nozzles

Do you want an inexpensive, lightweight, durable, multi functional water spray nozzle for your spray deck, spray pad, or even pool deck accessory? Our spray nozzles are made from a durable composite compound material which is surprisingly light yet more durable than nozzles made from brass and other materials.

Pool Decals

Got a dull, lifeless looking pool? Can your pool use some excitement? We offer a unique vinyl coated pool covering that can transform your pool into a coral reef, into an underwater aquarium. Let us show you how.

Recirculation Systems

Are you putting in a recirculation system for your pool, waterslide, or water spray pad? Did you check the price that some recirculation systems might cost you? Give us a call and let us show you our system which not only is fully certified and meets all standards, but will put a smile on your face in terms of the savings.


You need something to grab attention!!  You need to create a feature that draws people in?  Let  us show you how to add a unique, custom water fountain, potentially with multi colours and other features.

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