About Us

Based in Western Canada with corporate offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Aquatics by Westwind Inc. has been in the business of international recreation and leisure development for more than 25 years providing a wide range of exceptional aquatic services. We have been the North American distributor for Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems for over 12 years. We also work with other custom manufacturers so we can offer a wide range of equipment choices that best meet your needs and budget.

Aqua_Toy_City_large multi slide comboStarting with thorough site investigations and preparation of initial concept plans, the Aquatics by Westwind team of skilled engineers, pool development experts and professional installers can help you add proven and revenue-generating ideas into your next leisure facility or aquatics/water park project. As well, we can provide full custom design of your slides and water play features introducing the latest innovations and creative input. We utilize graphics technology using 3D imagery and motion-activated slide path analysis to design, plan and engineer your project from a simple concept plan to a detailed master plan insuring that it is done right the first time, every time! Every project is precisely engineered for perfect on-site installation of equipment that provides safe and efficient operation. Trust Aquatics by Westwind’s seasoned designers who combine exceptional design expertise with the latest technology to get you the exact configuration you need, every time.

Aquatics by Westwind provides:

  • Conceptual design for waterslides, children’s water play, water spray parks, decorative fountains.
  • Feasibility studies and site assessments to help determine your rate of return on your water slide investment.
  • Master plans and layout plans for complete water parks (indoor or outdoor) and water spray parks.
  • Complete engineering packages with 3D design, construction and permit drawings.
  • Custom manufacturing of quality fiberglass and steel components.
  • Leasing or green economical alternatives to help control your costs.
  • Expert installation of all equipment.
  • Dependable and quality after-sales service and maintenance.

Our primary clients tend to be hotels, resorts, smaller municipal pools, campgrounds, and people needing ‘custom’ design or special theming. But we also can assist the larger waterpark or community aquatic center. We have completed projects for various private residential pools. We work with aquatic design consultants, pool contractors and aquatic specialists.

From the initial concept to the production and delivery of quality products, along with our expert installation and reliable after-sales service, you can count on Aquatics by Westwind to meet all your aquatic equipment needs!