Water Play

Water Play / Water Spray Parks and Spray Pads

Let kids explore the fun world of water play! Aquatics by Westwind offers an exciting range of water fun attractions aimed at younger children and toddlers to add to your facility. With the choices we offer even the smallest of aquatic venues can add these features and increase visitor use from families with small children.

Toddler Play Pools

Don’t want to spend a lot creating a children’s splash pool?  Don’t have space to add a toddler play pool?

Consider adding one of our unique, custom-designed stand-alone Children’s Play Pools. These fiberglass pools fit the smallest of areas and can be added to an existing pool deck or any outdoor surface area.

Spray Parks

A big hit with kids! Water Spray Parks offer an economical and flexible alternative to traditional water play areas or large water play structures. An increasing number of communities and commercial clients (including hotels, motels and resort destinations) are moving from traditional pool-based water play to water spray attractions.

Water spray parks can be designed for either a shallow play splash pool or a concrete based-pad (Splash Pad). Aquatics by Westwind offers full design services to create exciting, attractive water spray parks using either fiberglass or stainless steel components. Our spray parks, splash pads and splash pools can be designed for either indoor or outdoor use to meet a wide range of ages, interests and activity levels.

Just pump and spray! Aquatics by Westwind offers a wide range of ‘plug ‘n play’ water toys especially for younger children in shallow water play pools. These features require no special water feeds or electrical hook ups. Simply anchor the toys into your pool, and hand pumping action creates the fun.

Our economical spray pads are ideal for: small hotels/resorts that might not  have a pool for the kids; campgrounds that are not on a lake, residential/condo complexes, smaller communities/towns that need something wet but affordable for the kids in the summer. Call us to get a complete package and see the options we can provide.

Pirate Ships and Tropical Play

Ahoy all ye mateys! A pirate theme can bring adventure and excitement to a children’s water play environment. Take a look at the wide range of custom Pirate Ships we offer for either indoor or outdoor use and for either a wet or dry play environment. For a perfect complement to our Pirate Ships or as a stand-alone play environment, choose from the wide variety of custom-designed, fiberglass bamboo play features Aquatics by Westwind offers. Our Monkey Island or Bamboo Play Fortress will add an entertaining tropical theme to your aquatic area!

Aqua Towers- Multi Level Water Play Structures (MLPS)

The water play structure!! The one stop water feature that can entertain many age groups. The one stop water fun product that can offer interactive water play and waterslide thrills.  Aquatics by Westwind offers the latest variety of these water play structures. We offer them made from stainless steel or reinforced fiberglass.

Or a combination. We offer water play structures from simple one level, one slide, economical…to the ultimate 4 and 5 level totally themed play structure with all the ‘bells and whistles’ you could ask for.  Just let us know the size of area you are looking to add a water play structure, or a budget level and we will show you how to get the most value for your dollar.